Semalt – 3 Reasons Why Your Content Can Decrease Your Rankings

If you believe that you have done everything properly, you might be wrong as there is always something to be improved. You need to learn a lot about how to promote your products on the internet, learn some company values and the marketing tactics. With all the learning going on, how to make it possible to polish your content and get it marketed in a better way!

Here Oliver King, a top professional of Semalt, has talked about 3 reasons your content sucks.

1. You love yourself a lot.

It's nice to admire and appreciate your efforts, but enjoying yourself a lot can cause problems for you. The customers never care about your identity or background.What matters to them is how well your product or service is for them and how it can fix their problems. If you have written content for yourself, there are chances that you won't get any sales. Make sure your content is up to the mark and comes up the expectations of your readers, turning them into happy customers. You should focus on creating content and articles for the sake of your audience, and if you create it for yourself, you are likely to vanish from the business industry soon. You should assume your audience and care about their taste rather than personal interests and likes. Write on topics that align with your services and products to a great extent, providing the readers with useful information about your brand.

2. You are writing the content for yourself, not for your audience.

One of the major downfalls of getting ingrained in the brand is that most people write content for themselves, not for their readers. Your task is to write the content for your audience, making sure that it comes up their expectations. You should bear in mind this one thing: "I am not my customer." Make sure the content you are writing is not for personal satisfaction, but for your audience. A large number of content developers and marketers create articles for themselves and stuff a lot of keywords – they shove the agenda down their customers' throats believing that they will taste the same. You have to think out of the box if you want to achieve success and should not try to brainwash your audience.

3. The production of content is constipated

It is one of the major mistakes we make. Bloggers and content writers believe that the production of content is useless, but it's not so. I have seen a lot of people writing articles and want to turn their $100 into $1500 within days, which is simply not possible for anyone. The poor content writers are even ready to write your articles for as low as $2 per piece. After weeks or months, you will realize that your efforts have proved to be fruitless as the content on your website is not engaging and informative for the readers.

Blogs and websites are meant to be useful and engaging, and you should not damage your reputation with low-quality content. In conclusion, you must try to write engaging articles and don't be selfish in this regard. You should not waste your time and money on inexperienced writers and try to write everything yourself. You should talk about how to fix the problems, speak about the funny things, and raise objections to the way marketing is being done.

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